Educational Robot designed for Robot Operating System (ROS) and Linux learning. Suitable for practical study and development, based on modern robotic framework - ROS. Supported with tailored educational course. Developed for educational institutions, students, and ROS/Python/Cpp robotic system developers.
Why ROS?
The Robot Operating System (ROS) is a flexible framework for writing robot software. It is a collection of tools, libraries, and conventions that aim to simplify the task of creating complex and robust robot behavior across a wide variety of robotic platforms.

Why? Because creating truly robust, general-purpose robot software is hard. From the robot's perspective, problems that seem trivial to humans often vary wildly between instances of tasks and environments. Dealing with these variations is so hard that no single individual, laboratory, or institution can hope to do it on their own. (с) Ros.org

ROS was developed in 2007 and yet is the most popular robotics framework worldwide.
What is Turtlebro?
TurtleBro is the educational training complex which includes hardware and software platforms for ROS and Linux based systems learning. TurtleBro is made to get you through the principles of modern robotic development.

Need to get into ROS and Python or Cpp development? Switch TurtleBro "on" and start your first robotic project right now with our ROS/Python course.

Have the new brilliant robotic application idea? Use TurtleBro to prove your concept!

Are you robotic software engineer who needs a suitable prototype? TurtleBro is your fully ROS-compatible development platform.
The heart of TurtleBro is custom made power circuit board (PCB) precisely developed for ROS
PCB provides core functions such as power and IMU-sensor management and motor control through the STM32F4 microcontroller.

For DIY and fast prototyping purpose PCB contains Arduino compatible ATmega2560 MC. ATmega2560 fully integrated with ROS environment but still can be used as independent Arduino CB according to your ideas.

TurtleBro PCB integrates every robot's module as a whole and allows you to concentrate on coding, studying or testing your new functionality options apart from electronic details.

The brain of TurtleBro is Raspberry Pi micro computer. Raspberry Pi connects with Arduino, motors, LIDAR (Light detection and ranging sensor) and other sensors through the USB-hub of TurtleBro PCB. This allows you to manage full Linux-based micro computer performance along with option to easily change it with any similar single board computer.

TurtleBro's PCB modular approach allows you to create your own robot (service robot). Lots of affordable sensors can be attached to TurtleBro via Arduino, Raspberry or USB interfaces. TurtleBro architecture gives the connection and power to your main and peripheral devices (sensors, servo-motors etc.). Just plug and use them with your ROS packages. Focus on your Python or Cpp code functions and TurtleBro will do the rest.

TurtleBro is for learning
  • Electronic and software components interaction
  • ROS basics - OS packages installation and settings
  • ROS administration and real environment use cases
  • Autonomous navigation and map-cartography of "service robots"
  • Computer and machine vision
  • Operation with sensors
  • Much more features to discover and learn by accessing to our on-line course

    Educational materials

    We support ROS community and we publish easy-to-start courses and books for educational institutions, students and enthusiasts.

    We provide free access to the "ROS Basics" book and TurtleBro Instructions with practical examples (frequently updated).

    - "ROS Basics" book
    - Instruction and examples

    Specifications and price
    TurtleBro robot
    $ 1443
    • Mobile shassis
    • TurtleBro PCB
    • RP Lidar 3600
    • USB Camera
    • Raspberry PI 4
    • Preconfigured SD-card with ROS
    • Accumulator battery
    • 220V Charger
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    Education kit
    $ 4397
    • TurtleBro robot
    • Programmable Joystick JoyBro
    • "RoboHand" kit
    • Access to ROS educational course
    • Educational support program
    • Preconfigured Linux Notebook
    • Preconfigured WiFi router
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    ROS Course
    Robot Operating System course is designed for teaching in high schools, universities and colleges. From basic computer knowledge to advanced robotic level:

    • Basic Linux for robotics
    • ROS installation and administration
    • Basic ROS architecture
    • ROS packages management
    • ROS software development
    • Basic electronics
    • ROS Navigation
    • Machine Vision for robotics
    • And much more
    Prove your knowledge by participating international WorldSkills competition!
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